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Teh Yer’z Bes’ Science Ficshun: Thirtee-Secon Annual CollecshunHardcovr | Softcovr | Kindle EdishunEite by Gardnr DozoizSt. Martin’z Prezz Release D8: Julee 7, 2015 Covr Price: $22.99 (Softcovr)Be U EVA trie 2 review an anthology? It’z a lot hardr den U mite think! OVA six hunnit pagez from almos’ 4t authorz wuz not jus’ an investment n’ time but it wuz also a chance 2 get 2 know some nu writerz & revisit some dat I hadn’t rea n’ a while.I wuz, at firs’, a bit apprehensive ABT diggN inta thiz heftee tome, but 1CE I starte, I wuz amaze at how quicklee I shot thro teh riez. N’ an era whea many f our devicez & gadgetz wuz 1CE thought f az science ficshun, how much f wat we rea 2day will b available 4 purchase n’ teh futua? We look at science ficshun az entertainment but much f it forezhadowz our cultua & wat we can expect n’ dayz 2 come. Thiz, my homiez, be wat Teh Yer’z Bes’ Science Ficshun: Thirtee-Secon Annual Collecshun be all ABT.Now, havN sai all dat, thiz collecshun be literallee a lil bit f every sub-gena f sci-fi. I be alwayz ben

moe f a fantasy readr wen it comez 2 thiz combine secshun f teh local a but I am def familir wit many f teez authorz. I starte readN moe science ficshun n’ my earlee thirtiez wen I starte managN a Waldenbookz (RIP, stoa 969) & became lee familir wit it all. Az U know, it’z a broa spectrum dat fallz undr thiz headN. 4 some publizherz, anythN futuristic renderz it inta thiz gory whils’ otherz be a bit moe criteria 4 inclusyun. So I i wat I USU do, I starte on page one & rea thro 2 page six hunnit & fiddy-four! W/O lookN too closelee at teh authorz, I foun myself RLY lovN teh differencez n’ teh riez.From Ian McDonal‘z short zentencez ABT introspecshun 2 Ken Liu‘z passion8 tale f cybernetic implantz, thiz compilashun starte off wit a bang & jus’ kept on gonna! Dig a bit deepr & Lavie Tidhr‘z explorashun f teh cycle f life be utterlee thrillN while at teh same time sa beyon measua, provN dat life be meant 2 b live, experience. Wit teh likez f Elizabeth Ber, who haz not one but 2 riez n’ thiz anthology (az doez teh aforementione Ken Liu). Othr mainztayz like Alastair Reynoldz remin me Y? I fell n’ love wit thR WRK originallee. But one autha, whom I ha NVR previouslee encountea, RLY got my attenshun. Cory row handz DN made me sit B & think. ABT life, death, & everythN n’ between. Almos’ fiddy pagez f some f teh mos’ prolific writN U can fin n’ thiz fiel. I will b findN dudez previouz WRK & I will b binge readN it soon!While I may be cite onlee a few writerz huhhh, I am by no meanz tryN 2 ignoa teh remaindr. Az it ztandz, I kud spen an entia day composN line aftr line dat zpeakz 2 how GR8 thR talez wuz & how I love thiz book. But I won’t. Instea, I’ll simplee say dat thiz be teh perfect book 4 teh occasional science ficshun readr. O 4 NE1 buildN o supplyN a library. It be, W/O a doubt, exactlee wat it zayz it be. Teh yer’z bes’ science ficshun. I am quite please dat I wuz affoa teh opportunitee 2 embrace thiz & review it. Ha I not, I woul NVR be iscovea many f teez authorz, & isn’t dat wat we love so much ABT anthologiez? I urge U 2 acquia thiz 4 UR collecshun o at teh VRY leas’ reques’ it from UR local library o literary institushun. Alwayz FW, NVR look B. Teh futua be happenN all aroun uz. Be U ready 4 it?

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