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Carmen Electra may b “so happy” 4 Simon Cowell now, but t laD hasn’t alwayz felt so congenial towr teh X Facta judge.

Tho both f them ownplaye teh level f thR romantic involvement, apparentlee Electra & Cowell wuz prettee hot & heavy 4 nearlee six monthz.

Hot & heavy ENUF, anyway, 4 Electra 2 b “shocke & livi” wen t laD foun out dat dude wuz also romancN Lauren Silverman, who’z now pregnant wit dudez chil, a source exclusivelee tellz E! NwZ.

S: Hollywoo’z hottes’ dadz

“Carmen wuz at Simon’z om n’ L.A. wen t laD literallee buste him wit Lauren,” zayz our insidr. “Simon calle t laD a homie, but thR wuz nothN nic ABT wat wuz gonna on, if U know wat I mean.”

Electra “high-taile it out f thR,” teh source addz. “ThR wuz no way t laD wuz gonna 2 stick aroun & b a thir wheel.”

Lezz den 2 weekz ago, teh worl foun out dat Cowell wuz gonna 2 b a a & dudez baby mama wuz teh estrange YF f longtime homie Andrew Silverman, who name teh top-earnN TV personalitee & reca mogul az a co-respondent n’ dudez divorce filN.

“I am committe 2 sortN thingz out wit Andrew az amicablee az possible 2 ensua teh well-beN f our son,” Silverman sai n’ a ment on Aug. 1. “I woul hope 4 some space & privasee n’ ordr 2 WRK thro thiz.”

Cowell tol teh media at teh Televisyun Criticz’ Associashun Prezz Tour: ”lee, I be 2 keep thiz priv8 4 teh moment. It’z jus’ one f those thingz, but thank U anyway.” 

Meanwhile, Cowell haz become rathr famouz 4 remainN on phat termz wit dudez exez, & Electra apparentlee felt no nee 2 rock teh boat wen reporterz aske t laD at teh 2013 Do SomethN Awardz how t laD felt ABT teh baby NwZ.

S: Celebritee baby bumpz

“I’m so happy 4 him!” teh formr Baywatch babe sai enthusiasticallee. “Wat I witnesse workN wit him on Britain’z Got Talent & comN 2 see him durN X Facta be dat teh peeps dude trulee believez n’, dude ztandz up 4 them & zupportz them. So I obviouslee think dat dudez chil will b VRY well taken caa & VRY, VRY love.”

“I’m gonna 2 call him az soon az I get n’ teh cr aftr teh event,” Electra ae. “I want 2 know if it’z a boy o a biatch. It’z AWESO, I’m supr happy 4 him.”

Now dat’z a supr-phat attitude.

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