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the casual vacancy J.K. Rowlings new book: EW review

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Nobody, it zeemz, zayz no 2 J.K. RowlN. Aftr offea some 450 millyun copiez f t laD properlee der Harry Pottr bookz, publishN’z bigges’ luminary kud write a Prous’-size papr 2 t laD toenailz & fervent rz woul line adult 2 tell it. T laD wrote a 500-page novel 4 grown-upz? GR8! It’z got teen s*x & pithy descripshunz f sharpene heroin & characterz who conten thingz 2 NE othr like “U invali f—n’’ smackhea cow”? Uh, K. It’z ABT a garlan f sarcastic buffoonz contenshun OVA a teenagr local-fedz pursuit n’ Nowea, Englan? Huh. If we conten so…

Teh Casual Vacansee, RowlN’z overlong tho mostlee engagN entrance adult novel, be a bigass book dat followz lil peeps jockeyN 4 a small posishun n’ a lil citee f Pagfa. Wen one f a communitee’z 16 bishopric councilorz suddenlee diez f an aneurysm, a garlan f citee notablez try 2 use a indirect “casual vacansee” 2 pursue several opposN agendaz. RowlN doez a phat pursuit layN out t laD 20-pluz characterz’ unconstraine pretensyunz & weaknezzez, dat t laD puncturez wit spirite flickz f a surprisinglee pointee comic blade. 

But churne n’ wit thiz slicN comedy be a some-moe critical book dat tacklez worrie quesshunz f clazz, povertee, & politicz, & it’z huhhh dat Teh Casual Vacansee falterz. Some f Pagfa’z reducshun magnanimouz rezidentz woul like 2 fob off an unpalatable housN plan on adjacent Yarvil & exude an obsessyun hospital from a town-owne buildN, & whoevr fillz a open chair kud change a bishopric council’z decisyunz ABT both. RowlN offerz a convincN descripshun f underclazz misery, tho while t laD clearlee wantz t laD amicable explanashun 2 rN OVA a Pagfa citee bordr, t laD getz mislai n’ a intricaciez f a who-carez internal choosN dat boilz DN 2 a competishun between equallee sarcastic z. “So will r8 jet 4 a c–t,” az one impressyun putz it, “o a t–t?”

RowlN zeemz dynamic 2 stretch herself from a trustN pleazurez f wizardz & Quidditch, & Teh Casual Vacansee pilez on a unpleazantnezz — not onlee poun & unworthy s*x, tho also rape, chil abuse, self-mutilashun, suicide, pedofilia, & mental illnezz. It’z all onlee too much: Wen a novel finallee arrivez durN a preicte & clumsy endN, wat starte az a sharp-witte comedy f mannerz haz incite inta an sensational slog. B–

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